Congratulations to Matt Shields and Titus Ngeben in their new Pastoral positions.

– Titus Ngeben, who will be ordained into the ministry of the NALC at First United Lutheran Church, Hammond, IN, on Sunday, March 24.

–  Pastor Matt Shields was installed on March 10, as new Pastor of St. John’s            Lutheran Church, Flanagan, IL., a fellow NALC church.

Please keep in your daily prayers all people in need, including:

– John Boehmer’s brother, George, and Jo’s half-sister, Julie passed away      recently. May God’s promise of the resurrection comfort all who mourn.

– Lenny Peterson is feeling better after his surgery.

– Sue Peterson’s surgery went well and she is home recovering. 

– Sarah Rehn had eye surgery for a detached retina.

– Russ Mothkovich’s brother, John and sister, Carol are both battling serious            health problems.

– Terri Zimmerman, Mike Valasek’s sister has ongoing health problems.

– Pray for all who have cancer, including: John Roser, Samantha Hughes, and Dale Giebel.

– All pregnant women and the babies they are carrying.

– Our church and its activities, and all Christian churches.

– Persecuted Christians throughout the world.

– The NALC, NALS, the Great Rivers   Mission District, all Christian churches,         and our partner congregations in SC and PA.

–   All affected by violent crimes, accidents, and natural disasters.

– Our president, elected leaders, first responders, and military personnel, for         God’s guidance and protection.

– All suffering cancer, serious illness or injury, dementia, chronic pain, anxiety,         depression, mental illness or addictions, and their families and caregivers.