Sunday School will begin Sunday, September 12th.
Come join us for WORSHIP! Saturday at 5:30pm or Sunday at 9:00am.
Confirmation will begin Thursday, September 9th at 6pm. Pastor will meet with confirmation students and their parents. Call First Lutheran if you would like more information. (815)522-3886.

Our Easter Service will be at 9:00 A.M. 

This will be a Communion Service. 



First Lutheran Church Kirkland is a church family committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God.  In keeping with the Lutheran Confessions, we believe all doctrines should and must be judged by the teaching of Scripture…


Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Gospel as the power of God for the salvation of all who believe. We confess Jesus Christ is the Word of God incarnate, through whom everything was made and through whose life, death…