February 2022 Pastor Letter

For my eyes have seen your salvation

that you have prepared

in the presence of all peoples,

a light for revelation to the Gentiles,

and for glory to your people Israel.

                                                                                    Luke 2:30-32 (ESV)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ,                                                  February 2022

Greetings to you in the name of our gracious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This season of Epiphany, we have been preaching a series A Light to the World,  considering our call together to be a light to the nations as Jesus is our light in our life. We will end this series on Transfiguration Sunday. We will then be entering a new series during Lent on Sunday mornings called, Characters of a Disciple,  and then on Wednesday nights be looking at the Mercy’s of God. I hope that you will join us for not even Saturday or Sunday services but also for our Mid-Week suppers and services throughout the Lenten season.

On behalf of my family and myself, we want to say thank you for the installation service and dinner afterward. It was a joyful time, and we are thankful for God’s call to First Lutheran and the greater community. We are also so thankful for all the work that has taken place at the parsonage.

During the first week of February, I was able to begin making my first visitations. It was a wonderful time to meet Betty P. and Nancy B. for the first time. If you or someone needs visitation, please feel free to contact me directly or the church office to make the request. If there is an emergency that needs prayer or/and visitation, please contact me directly.

For confirmation, we have started looking at the Apostle’s Creed. We have had great discussions over the various articles of the Creed and what it means for us in our faith and daily walk with Jesus as His Disciple.

May God be with you all this month of February 2022.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom