Pastoral Letter – November 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Advent season is upon us and begins the last Sunday of November. This year for Advent, we will focus on the theme “A Geography of Salvation.” The Scriptures that help us prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ are filled with places—holy places, hard places, and the pathways in between. Together, these places present a “geography of salvation”—a map of the heights and depths our good God will go to bring us home. Throughout the weeks of Advent, we will “visit” some of these sacred locales. Along the way, we’ll learn that we can meet God on the mountaintop—but that God also draws near to wherever it is we find ourselves. This theme carries into Christmas Day Sunday service. Please join us as we proceed through this journey together each week.

In addition to Advent, the NALC has developed daily devotions for Advent. The devotions are called, And He Shall Reign and can be found at the NALC website at the following link: If you are unable to download and would like a hard print, please see Dianna or myself, and we will be happy to print a copy for you. Along with the daily printed devotions, they will host a video series to go along with the devotions, and that can be found on the NALC Facebook page: I will try to share these posts on our own page when I see it posted to the best of my ability.

As we consider this season of Advent as we wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to come again, we celebrate his birth as a reminder of the great miracle that started as a child born in Bethlehem, as the scriptures foretold.

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas,

Pr. Tom