Masks at Worship beginning August 9, 2020

Note: This letter reports to you a decision of your church council. For convenience it is located on the “Pastor’s Letter” page of First Lutheran’s website. But the letter is not from Pastor Rasmussen alone. It is from the entire council. It has also been sent out via mass email to all our members whose email addresses we have.

Dear Friends in Christ:

At a meeting on July 26, after much debate, some members advocating that masks be made mandatory for all worship services and other gatherings at First Lutheran Church, and other members opposing such a decision, First Lutheran’s church council adopted a compromise. Beginning Sunday, August 9, the wearing of face masks will be mandatory at Sunday morning worship. At other gatherings, including Saturday evening worship, masks are greatly encouraged, but not required. At Saturday worship we will continue our practice of asking those not wearing masks to sit on the left side. And at all worship services, every other pew will continue to be “taped off”.

The entire council is hopeful that this compromise will enable more of our people to return to in-church worship services with a sense of confidence and safety; and that it will not push anyone away, even if for some it may be an unwelcome change.

If you would like to share your thoughts on this decision with the church council, you are encouraged to do so. You may send an email to [email protected]. Your response will be forwarded to our council members.